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12kv Switchgear.

12kv Switchgear

11KV, 12KV Switchgear for Medium Voltage electrical distribution

Vertically isolated and withdrawable medium voltage switchgear.

There are three current ratings of circuit breaker available, having ratings of 630/800 Amp, 1250 Amp and 2000/2500 Amp.

Maximum panel rating of 2500 Amps, busbar rating of 3000 Amps and fault rating of 31.5kA.

We also supply Current Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Control Panels, Cable Boxes.

For more information please ask for our LMVP 12 kV Indoor Switchgear brochure.

Seismically Tested

High Performance Level
Triaxial Seismic Test
XY = 1.0g Z = 0.8g
Standard; IEEE std 693-2005 Annex M

  • Health, Safety & Environmental Elimination of oil or SF6.
  • Disruption – There is minimal disruption of supply.
  • Performance – Improved performance and reliability.
  • Ratings – Both current and fault level rating can be increased.

The RPS Switchgear retrofit solution provides a quality, cost effective alternative to increase the life of your existing switchgear with very little or no disruption of supply while the work is being carried out. Our expertise in advanced manufacturing of 11KV distribution switchgear ​is coupled with our innovative engineering enabling customers to surpass electrical infrastructure challenges.

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