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Buckley Cross 11kV S/S (Scottish Power)

Project Close Out 25/05/2016 Village Hotel Buckley


  1. Introductions
  2. Health & Safety Moment
  3. Project Scope
  4. Pre-contract Tender Process
  5. Contract Award
  6. Program of Works
  7. Equipment
    a. LMVP CB retrofit
    b. Arc Proof Door
    c. Protection Top Boxes
  8. Design process
  9. Project Management
  10. Commissioning
  11. Site Installation
  12. Site relationships
  13. Communication
  14. Commercial
  15. Health & Safety
  16. Environment
  17. Quality
  18. Improvements
  19. Wrap up



Agenda ItemsCommentsOutputs
 Dave Eyley – RPS Project Manager

Stu Stephen – Commissioning & Engineering

Trevor Coxon – RPS Business development

Paul Dowell-RPS Managing Director

Garry Maude – RPS Site Mgr.

Scottish Power

Alwyn Roberts

Sean Griffiths

Charlie Newis.



Health & Safety MomentTC – talked about the importance of “Secondary Isolations” when working on aged equipment where drawings are not up to date. A near miss had occurred at a site recently where the guys were set to work following HV isolation and safety document had been released when the guys noticed a spark on a secondary wire in the protection top box. The guys stopped the work and reported this to the SAP – the findings were that a link in a adjacent panel fed a 110vDC into the panel to be worked on.The guys must ensure with the SAP that all supplies are disconnected and wire test to demonstrate that all secondary wiring is isolated and dead.
Project ScopeBrief Scope
Supply deliver and install: –

7 x 630A 25KA LMVP CB’s.

1 x 800A 25kA LMVP CB.

8 x Protection Top Boxes.

8 x ARC proof doors.

1 x VT unit A.

8 x conversion kits from side isolating contacts to plug and socket.

Modify Cable Tray.

Multicore cables back to RTU for remote open/close and indications.

Remove covers and inspect bus bars.



The scope requested by SP was met. We discussed that could the SP network do without the B/C bay, as a reduction of the number of points on the system is a favourable mark in OFGEM’s eyes. The outcome was that the B/C was required to give flexibility of switching on the local network.

The Arc Proof doors were initially taken out of the scope of supply by SP – RPS offered the doors free – as along with the aesthetics of the finished job it also gives a greater level of Safety for SAP’s operating the switchgear.

Pre-Contract – Tender processThe project was single tender action as this project is seen as a trial for other Reyrolle LM Retrofit sites.
Contract Award08/04/2015The period of time from contract award to actual site start was seen as been protracted – the main reason for this was to carry out the works (outages) outside of the Outage season.
Program of WorksPre – Outage works 30/03/16 – 03/04/16 (5 days)It was agreed that this was very beneficial as an enabler prior to the outages commencing
Outage Works 11/04/16 – 28/04/16 (14 days)All outages went to plan, project was delivered to what RPS said they would deliver.

The input from the team led by AR planning the project from Nov 15 proved very beneficial to a smooth delivery of the project.

Commissioning File left on site 06/05/2016


As Builts handed over 25/05/16 (3 paper copies and 3 soft copies)
Equipment7 x 630A LMVP/RPM1/QMRO

1 x 800A LMVP/RP1/QMRO

8 Arc Proof doors

8 New Protection Top boxes with Siemens ARGUS C relays

The equipment installed offers SP the benefits of “no” oil (Environmental impact good) Low maintenance required (OPEX saving for SP)

Overall the project will give SP a switchboard with an additional 30 year life span for 4 weeks of site work.

A discussion was held around the impact by intervention on taking the switchboard from HI 4 to HI 2. Confirmed by Asset Management?

Design ProcessGeneral Arrangements, Wiring Diagrams and Schematics all brought up to dateFrom a CDM point of view RPS have left a full set of drawings and manuals on site – satisfying CDM requirements
Project ManagementDave Eyely (RPS)

Alwyn Roberts (SP)

Good relationship – everything went very well
CommissioningStu Stephens (RPS)

Sean Griffiths (SP)

RPS used SP test sheets – good delivery
Site InstallationGarry Maude (RPS Site Manager)Good delivery – SP carried out a Behavioural Safety Audit (CN) – good feedback.

SP made comments that the site was a tidy safe site without any issues.

Site RelationshipsTh site works were carried out by GM and 2 RPS site operatives.No problems on site – delivered  a good job to a clear program of works
CommunicationNo issues
CommercialIt was discussed that considering the age of the site, 4 weeks to carry out the Retrofit to take the switchboard from HI 4 to HI 2 it was agreed good value. No VO’s claimed all invoicing and payment went to SP process – 1 remaining invoice for Close Out / Hand over of As Builts.
Health & SafetyGood Safe Site – all RAMS were in place in a timely manner
 Near Misses reported1)      Edge protection should have been in place when working on top of Busbar chambers.

2)      Some equipment turned up on site without PAT certs – equipment quarantined and replaced.

3)      Test set – out of Calibration – PM called off a replacement immediately.

4)      RPS ladders required 3 monthly inspection – log should have been in RPS Red Site File.

EnvironmentOil CB’s removed from sitePCB testing carried out RPS and old CB’s removed from site with Waste Transfer Certs in place.
Quality1)Terminal Blocks

2) Boot lace crimps















Both issues were resolved immediately on site – SP very pleased with RPS response

Both points – all terminal blocks were replaced with Spring loaded (not just CT / VT circuits)

Boot lace crimps all changed out for flat blade hook type.

This was fed immediately back to New Zealand factory. Through the RPS quality system all future panels delivered to the UK will be of this standard.

ImprovementsNo major points – early involvement essential by all
Wrap upIt was agreed by all the project was very well organized, good planning, good site team and good relationships all round – Excellent job!


Before Retrofit (Hi 4)


After Retrofit (HI 2)


Pre – Outage work – running multicores and installing new cable tray


Internal wiring for Melbourne Drive new Protection Top Box


Complete new switchboard with Arc Proof Doors


Complete new panel with Side Blast Sheets complete


New LMVP CB and Arc Proof Door


SIC’s replaced by Plug and Socket arrangement


Actual Site Delivery Program (Summary)



Customer Plaudits:-


Thanks for the update.  Are you or any of your colleagues looking to communicate this successful project and technical express for the Operation staff. This is the first RPS solution in SPEN.

Also, David Neilson confirmed that the HI movement agreed via Ofgem is HI4 to HI2.


Frank Berry (Circuits Manager)


Thanks Trevor

Well done to RPS with this project, I am very impressed with the finished article


Andy Davis (Distribution Delivery Manager MANWEB)