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LMT Retrofits.

LMT Retrofits

Reyolle LMT 1 &LMT 2 Retrofit Switchgear

RPS Switchgear offers a retrofitting service to upgrade your “LM” type panels with the latest fully interchangeable LMVP vacuum circuit breaker. Retrofitting with RPS Switchgear has many advantages over replacing an existing LM switchboard:

  • Cost: Financial savings favour switchboard life extension versus replacement.
  • Automation: Upgrade to provide remote control and monitoring or high speed auto-reclose.
  • Health, Safety & Environmental: Elimination of oil or SF6.
  • Disruption: Minimal disruption of supply.
  • Performance: Improved performance and reliability.
  • Ratings: Both current and fault level rating can be increased.

RPS Switchgear provides a quality, cost effective alternative to increase the life of your existing switchgear with very little or no disruption of supply while the work is being carried out.

With Vacuum Circuit Breaker Retrofit you can:

Minimise Costs

Reduce maintenance costs

  • Parts for older oil circuit-breakers are becoming expensive to replace.
  • LMVP vacuum circuit-breakersrequire less maintenance overextended periods of operation.
  • There is no oil or gas to handle.
  • Large number of fault operationsbefore replacement of vacuum interrupter is necessary.
  • If required, the quick change ofthe vacuum interrupter saves on maintenance costs.

Reduce insurance risk
Insurance companies are increasing premiums for clients with oil filled equipment.

Limit switching errors
Retain operator knowledge and limit switching errors by maintaining the same make of reyrolle LMT 1 and LMT 2 switchgears.

Minimise supply disruption
Retrofit takes much less time than a total switchgear replacement, which minimises supply disruption and ensures minimum revenue loss to supply companies and end-users.

Improve Technical Quality

Retrofit oil & SF6 with vacuum
The well proven RPS Switchgear LMVP vacuum circuit-breaker is designed to be interchangeable with oil & SF6 circuit-breakers.

Environmentally friendly
No oil or gas disposal required.

Proven mechanism
Based on the LMT design for proven reliability, with motor-charged spring or solenoid operation.

Easy panel upgrade

  • Existing LMT panels can be easily upgraded with only minor modifications.
  • Retrofitting maximises the use of current installations, with minimised equipment redundancy.
  • Protection and control equipment can be upgraded simultaneously.

Improved ratings
Take advantage of higher ratings without having to change the complete switchgear.

Improved capacitor/motor switching
Vacuum interrupter technology provides improved capacitor and motor switching performance.

Seismically tested

Seismically tested for reliable operation in earthquakes, or unstable locations such as mines. LMVP switchgear has also been successfully operated on floating oil production stations.

SCADA compatible
Many control systems are being upgraded. LMVP is suitable for remote control and monitoring of switching circuits.

Prompt delivery
Production is totally in-house at RPS Switchgear, allowing quick response to customer needs.



Retrofit Arc-Proof Door Kit For LM Type Switchgear

The arc-proof door is identical to that used on RPS Switchgear’s existing LMVP product range, which is the modern equivalent to the Reyolle LM switchgear. This switchgear has been impressively certified to that latest arc withstand standard, (62271 – 200).

When fitted to existing LM switchgear, the door kit strengthens the front of the switchboard and provides a very effective barrier between operators and the VCB chamber at the front of the switchboard.

The new doors can be hinged from either the left or the right and they can be installed while the panel being modified is in service. Racking of the circuit breaker through the door provides maximum operator safety.

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